Humidifiers – Meaning, Maintenance, Merits, and Much More

Let’s cut to the chase. Humidifiers are electrical appliances that improve moisture in the room where it is kept. Sometimes, you can connect it to your HVAC system in your home and create humidity in your entire home. In short, humidifiers are tools to create artificial humidity in times of extremely cold and dry weather.

The purpose of humidifiers is one – to create moisture in the room. But, the importance of this tool is many. Dry air can cause many internal and external physical health problems. Externally, it can cause skin irritation, rashes, etc. and internally it can lead to dryness in throat and even breathing problems.

There are five types of humidifiers – Central, impeller, ultrasonic, evaporator, steam vaporizer. It is clever to choose the best type for you by considering the room size, cost of the product, and personal humidifier reviews by users.

After you purchase it, the maintenance of it would be your next task. Any electrical appliances can last longer than you expect if properly maintained. The main thumb rule you must follow is, never leave it running on an empty tank. Many brands offer the product with an auto-off switch in the case of an empty tank. If this feature is absent in your device, make sure there is always water while the device is running. If possible, use distilled water at all times. Clean the device regularly. Especially, the filter and the water storage unit. Every device comes with a manual containing directions to clean. Follow the same for best results. Do not leave it running for days together. Machines need a break, too to perform well. Also, continuous usage can lead to “too much moisture,” which can promote the growth of bacteria and mold in the home. Among the types of humidifiers mentioned above, steam vaporizers tend to get real untidy in a short span of time. But, the model is built in such a way that it is the easiest to clean.

This intricate device is of utmost benefits. For starters, it prevents the flu because virus and bacteria do not survive under humid conditions. Also, this is the best way to keep the plants in your home safe. It also maintains the quality of your furniture in case they are made of wood. Another hidden advantage is it reduces your snoring during sleep, as it keeps your respiratory system away from dry air. Moist air results in moist hair. Humidifiers can keep your hair and scalp moist, thus preventing dandruff, dry scalp, hair fall, etc. In case you’re experiencing allergic or asthma symptoms due to dry air, humidifiers are the way to get rid of it.

To conclude, humidifiers are a great way to improve moisture in your room. But, too much of ANYTHING is bad, and the same applies to humidifiers as well. You need to know how to use them wisely, as too much use can worsen your breathing problems. It can even cause bleeding of the nose and sinus congestion. Use it just how much you need to, and you can be free from all such ailments.

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