Stud Detectors – Types, Uses & Much More

Stud finders are handy tools that help you to locate studs, live AC wires, and nails beneath walls. Before the invention of this tool, people manually detected studs by hammering a nail to the wall to find if there is a stud beneath. This trick works but takes its own time.

Thanks to the invention of stud finders, the job is now simplified. They guide you to that particular spot in a wall where the stud is located. We will see in brief about the types and uses of this amazing innovation. If you wish to purchase one, a collection of stud finders are available on Amazon or some online retailers. Compare, research, and purchase it according to your convenience.

Type of Stud Finders

There are two types of stud finders. One, Magnetic Stud Detector, which involves a very simple principle of “magnetic pull” to attract metal behind the wall. Two, Electronic Stud Finder that has an in-built capacitor that detects studs behind walls, ceilings or beneath the floor.

Magnetic detectors, which have less applicability with homes built from metal lath and plaster, can be further classified into two – Stationary and Moving. Stationary detectors completely depend … Continue Reading